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PHYSIOTHERAPY REHABILITATION SERVICES are specialists in rehabilitation, which means helping you stay well, and working with you to become and remain as independent as possible.  Below gives an outline of the conditions  we specialise in but if you don't see what you're looking for, just get in touch.


'Stroke' Physiotherapy Works - Chartered Society of Physiotherapy


PRS offer specialist long term rehabilitation for Stroke survivors.  We work with survivors to promote physical recovery, as well as prevent and treat the long term complications of a Stroke.  PRS provide Stroke education to help individuals understand how the Stroke has affected them and how these difficulties can be managed.  We also support survivors to make changes to improve their health and reduce their risk of further Strokes.  Working closely with charitable and voluntary organisations, we help individuals reach the services they need to support them and their loved ones.


'Parkinson's Disease' Physiotherapy Works - Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Parkinson's Disease

PRS assess people with Parkinson's Disease to identify their main difficulties and treat to help manage the impact of this condition on everyday activities such as walking, work and hobbies.  The National Institute of Clinical Excellence recommends that people with Parkinson's Disease are seen in the early stages of the disease, as well as later when many individuals begin to experience a range of difficulties.  At PRS, we focus on improving your movement, balance, strength and independence through rehabilitation, equipment and community activities.


'Multiple Sclerosis' Physiotherapy Works - Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone Disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and other Degenerative Neurological Conditions

PRS provide comprehensive Physiotherapy for individuals with progressive conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis.  We think ahead and work on the challenges the person is experiencing now, as well as those they're likely to encounter in the future.  We work collaboratively with charitable and voluntary organisations to ensure the support they receive is holistic and considers all aspects of their life.

GBS | CIDP Foundation International - Guidelines for Physical and Occupational Therapy

GBS | CIDP Foundation International - Guidelines for Physical and Occupational Therapy

Guillain-Barrè, Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy and other Polyneuropathies

PRS provide specialist assessment, treatment to optimize health outcomes and recovery from the initial stages of Inflammatory Polyneuropathies.  We support them in managing residual difficulties and disability, and work to improve independence and overall quality of life.  This involves looking at function, the home and all aspects of life.  We issue specialist equipment and connect these individuals with appropriate bodies and organisations for further support.


Spinal Injuries Association - Physical Activity Fact Sheet

Spinal Cord Injury

PRS assess and treat all types of Spinal Cord Injury occurring after trauma or illness.  This includes all levels of Spinal Injury, whether complete or incomplete.  We provide specialist Spinal assessment and treatment, promote neuroplastic recovery where appropriate, teach new skills and issue adaptive equipment.  We facilitate physical activity and work with the person to prevent secondary complications following Spinal Cord Injury.  PRS considers all aspects of Spinal Injury and support access to specialist services.


Headway - About Brain Injury, Rehabilitation and Continuing Care

Traumatic and Acquired Brain Injury

PRS  assess and deliver an individually tailored, holistic rehabilitation package which considers all aspects of Brain Injury.  We work with individuals to not only improve Physical function, but also to manage the cognitive (thinking) and behavioural challenges which may impact a person's physical recovery and independence.  


Association of Chartered Physiotherapists for People with Learning Disabilities - Learning Disabilities Physiotherapy

Learning and Physical Disabilities

PRS work with adults and children with a range of Learning and Physical Disabilities ranging from low needs to Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilties.  This includes conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Down's Syndrome and Autism.  We work with clients, their families and carers to promote independence as far as possible, and implement long term treatment plans which address all aspects of the individual's needs and promote overall health and well being.  


'Cancer Surviorship' Physiotherapy Works - Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Oncology (Cancer)

PRS assess and treat individuals people with a current or previous diagnosis of malignant and benign Cancers and Tumours.  We are experienced in supporting people at all stages of their Cancer, including those who are palliative or in the terminal stages of the disease.  Exercise is described as the fourth treatment for Cancer; it improves Cancer survival and reduces the risk of Cancer recurrence.  At PRS, our role is to help maintain fitness and well being during Cancer treatment, improve recovery after treatment ends and help individuals stay well and independent.


'Falls and Frailty' Physiotherapy Works - Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Older Person's Rehabilitation, Falls Prevention and Treatment

PRS work with a range of individuals to evaluate their risk of falls, prevent falls and facilitate recovery after a fall.  Following the National Institute of Clinical Excellence guidelines, we carry out comprehensive assessment and treatment plan which looks at physical and cognitive (thinking) skills, the person's home environment, their community and the activities they enjoy.  We also work with individuals with cognitive difficulties such as Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease, their carers and loved ones, to promote health and well being, implement effective and safe care, as well as management strategies to minimise the risk to them and those caring for them.


'Hip Fracture' Physiotherapy Works - Chartered Society of Physiotherapy


PRS provide rehabilitation after a fracture (a break in the bone); this involves managing swelling and pain, as well as working to restore normal movement, strength and function.  We work to get the person back to everyday life and the things they enjoy as quickly as possible.




Hydrotherapy or Aquatic Therapy is the prescription and delivery of a water based Physiotherapy program.  The properties of the water can have great advantages over land based treatments and are often used to compliment a land based program.  PRS complete an assessment on land and provide an individually tailored treatment program delivered on a 1:1 basis in a Hydrotherapy or traditional pool.